Welcome To The August Camp Forum

Welcome to The August Camp Forum. Have a read of the posts here to discover what this place is all about.
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Welcome To The August Camp Forum

Post by marksayers » Sat Jul 09, 2016 8:34 pm

Hello and welcome to the August Camp Forum!

After our old member's website crashed and burned in June 2015, we have not had a functioning website. From 9th July 2016 this new August Camp Forum has been set up for anyone to join if they so desire but is essentially built for August Camp Members.

Once registered you will have basic access to the forum. If you are a recognised August Camp Member then within 24 hours your account will be upgraded and you will have exclusive access to the member only forums.

If you can not see the member only forums after 24 hours please send me a PM using the website messaging system and I will check to see if something is wrong.

The forum can be used anyway member's see fit. Make use of the forums I have set up and if you have any idea's for new forums again send me a PM with your details and ideas.

Folk that join this forum that are not August Camp Member's will have access to a limited number of forums and we encourage you to join in if you desire. Spamming or advertising will result in your forum membership being terminated without warning.

Once registered, if you have any problems with your membership or the website please feel free to post a question in the Issues and Bug Reporting Forum.

Thanks for reading and Welcome To August Camp.